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"Uncovering the Surprising Benefits of Candles"

Believe it or not, it was a candle that took me out of a funk. There was a time when I was down and out and did not have much energy for anything, including myself. I had just had my 4th child and life was not the best even though i'm supposed to be happy because we just had a new addition to the family. I mean, I was definitely excited that my beautiful baby girl had arrived healthy, but the uncertainty of my future had me down. One day I received a call from someone special, they explained they had a birthday gift for me and that I should come and pick it up. I had not seen this person in a while and needed a reason to leave the house for a while. So I went to visit and had a good time. While I was there they explained my gift was on the table and to go ahead and open it. Well...I opened my gift perfectly wrapped in a gift bag, inside was a birthday card and a shiny red candle, big in size and scented like a tropical oasis, not any tropical scent it was something different about this scent, it was like someone had put extra thought into, extra care. I thanked them for my special gift and expressed how much I loved my new candle. I was moving into a new place within the next few days and wanted to wait to light my candle. Once moved in, I lit my candle and was overly joyed with the scent. It was like something in me was ignited, I was immediately taken out of my funk, my depression I was feeling was no longer a issue. I wanted to share this feeling with everyone, I wanted everyone that was feeling down, to experience what I had. I immediately started researching candles and how to make them. I knew I had a newborn and that the air would need to remain clean as possible so I opted into a all natural form of candle. The candle I received was a plain candle, with a scent that made a statement. I wanted my candles to immediately make someone smile upon first glance, which is why I design each and every candle. They are made to inspire, uplift the person and the surroundings. This is where Loves Candle Closet Ltd was born. The way our candles uplift is amazing and exactly what I wanted. This was more than a dream for me, it was truly something from the heart that I wanted to share with everyone else that was willing to give it a try. When you get a candle from Loves Candle Closet its more than a candle, it's an experience. Share the LOVE with everyone else.

Thanks for reading, I hope this story inspires you to make someone smile, consider how someone is feeling and how you can help them to feel better. Consider your current mental state and how you can make it better. Sometimes it's something you never thought of, that can change your current mental state for the better.

Please feel free to share our beautiful collection.

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